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About us

As George Orwell once asserted -“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want published”; this is the core basis of which Umask News was founded.

At Unmask, we understand that real-time journalism is one of the most efficient ways to hold government, organisation, and people accountable for their use of power and position. Our ability to judge a news target is buttressed by accurate news analysis and reliable insights through our network of intellectual journalists, who are skilled with building a story from a tip, and who are fair-minded, accurate, dogged, and honest in their line of duties.

Without need to whitewash, there are plenty of worrisome trends in the Nigerian media space. Unarguably, most media outlets in the country are no longer interested in objectivity, accuracy, and solid coverage. Rather, their interests are now attached to advocacy, and persuasion. Unmaskng.com is changing the narrative.

Editorial Stance

For our publishing arm, if a story is not uncovery in nature, then it’s not our content.

We do not only take pride in exclusivity and expository news, publishing daring stories that are factual makes us an impeccable audacity in the field of journalism practise.

Editorial values

Fairness and Impartiality
Accountability and Transparency
Respect for diversity

Privacy policy

At Unmask, we are very mindful of any information gotten from you, and we assure you that your data is safe with us.


Despite operating outside the shores of Nigeria, precisely the United States, we aim at becoming the number one reliable news media platform in the West African country.

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To register complaints or corrections, and to get in touch with general comments and tip-offs, contact [email protected]

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