Ex-Presidential Aspirant Osayande Aghaze Receives Peter Obi As He Visits The US

Ex-Presidential Aspirant Osayande Aghaze Receives Peter Obi As He Visits The US
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Former presidential aspirant, Osayande in collaboration with African Democracy and Policy Initiative has received Peter Obi of the Labour Party, as the latter visited the United States (US).

Mr. Osayande, who some months ago, endorsed Obi to succeed President Muhammadu Buhari after dropping his ambition, rallied support for the Labour Party candidate in the US, as he welcomed him. Peter Obi was hosted at Beverly Hills, California where he gave a lecture titled; ROLE OF THE NIGERIAN DIASPORA IN CIVIC LEADERSHIP.

Addressing journalists at the Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills-California, US, where he joined thousands of other Nigerians to pledge support for Obi, Mr. Osayande described the former Anambra State governor as the right man for the Job. Mr. Osayande stated, “ Peter Obi does not only understands Nigeria’s problems, but he also possesses the moral and intellectual fortitude to confront and solve these problems.”

He further stated, “I have never been flattered listening to a Nigerian politician talking about the country’s enormous problems and innovative ways of solving them until I met Obi and paid attention to him. Aside from being a good orator, he’s arguably the most-patriotic politician every meaningful Nigerian home and abroad is yearning for.

“Unlike before, practically everyone is now interested in politics and keenly anticipating the outcome of what the forthcoming general elections would be. This is Obi’s effect because all I can see he represents is hope.”
Continuing, Mr. Osayande added that “most Nigerians who are eager for a change of direction see Obi as the only viable candidate that can mark a radical departure from the old ways to a new and effective way of political accountability in a nation plagued with insecurity and dwindling economy.”

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Mr. Osayande, a reputable Hollywood filmmaker, therefore, encouraged Nigerians not to be dissuaded from exercising their franchise rights.

“My advice for concerned Nigerians is not to welcome any opinion that their votes can’t count. This is not true because if your votes don’t count, there won’t be anything called vote-buying. It is as well pertinent to know that when you choose not to vote, you are giving room for rigging which would automatically disenfranchise you,” he added.

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