PiggyVest Co-founder, Joshua Chibueze Offers Tips For SMEs

PiggyVest Co-founder, Joshua Chibueze Offers Tips For SMEs
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Joshua Chibueze, the co-founder of PiggyVest, an online savings platform, joined Legit.ng’s Digital Talks and provided tips for aspiring entrepreneurs planning to establish their own enterprise in the Nigerian business environment.

Drawing from his wealth of knowledge, having been part of the leadership that grew PiggyVest from zero to N20 billion savings monthly, Chibueze said entrepreneurs should be true to themselves.

According to him, budding founders should be true to themselves. He stated that if the market is saying something, business owners should listen and not lie to themselves.

Chibueze told Digital Talks, Legit.ng’s community of decision makers:

“Don’t lie to yourselves. Always follow the money. A lot of people stay too long with something that is clearly not working, and then you sit on it.

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“You stay there five years [to] seven years. Time that should have been used to do something else, you stay on it for so long, and then overtime, you get bored and tired, then it dies.

“So move quickly. That’s what we did. We were launching startups, we were failing, we were moving. It was nothing to us. We say alright, no problem, we’ve learnt.”

The co-founder of PushCV further stated that people need to understand the times, as well as listen to the customers.

He told Digital Talks in an interview:

“If you want to know what next you need to do in your business, just talk to your customers. You can not study it in school no matter the amount of MBA or Harvard you have.

“Just listen to what they are telling you. Make sure your customer service is solid – in today’s Nigeria, that’s the difference.”

Although the businessman said business tips don’t work for everybody.

Meanwhile, during previous Digital Talks, Flutterwave co-founder, Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, advised startup founders on how they can make their products or services appealing enough to attract financial support.

Aboyeji’s company has raised over $234.7 million since they started operation in 2016, with their most recent capital infusion being $170 million in 2021.

Flutterwave is one of the most successful tech companies in Nigeria, having reached a market valuation of over $1 billion.

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