Plural Capital Expands Footprint Into Nigeria

Plural Capital Expands Footprint Into Nigeria
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The Nigerian society has evolved pretty much in the last decade and has left individuals at all levels and businesses across various sectors seeking new ways of staying afloat of the current realities.

Today, Nigeria is faced with a myriad of problems which have made citizenry to further project the can-do spirit in them by seeking alternatives that have ensured their continuous survival in the face of premium hardship.

Nigeria, with a rich and ‘enviable’ profile consisting of corruption, insecurity, poverty, high unemployment and inflation rate, has left businesses and individuals to struggle daily with little to show for. While some still believe that they can contain the current realities, others have “ja pa” to other countries to seek solace.

The year 2020 came, crippled many businesses and compounded the woes of those struggling following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While it was not the wish of the common man, many, including the Nigerian Government, were caught off guard, leaving many persons to seek the way out of the turbulence especially as there were no grants to support ailing businesses… Even palliatives were hoarded.

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However, in the face of the most torrid times, there is always a messiah.

Far left: Mr. Seyi Odufuwa, MD, SDV Mutual Ltd, Plural Staff and Mrs. Adekoya Tessy (middle)at the event.

At a time when individuals were waiting to access grants from the Federal Government, Plural Capital, a world class financial institution was properly positioned to shoulder the burdens of Nigerians as well as their businesses and ensuring that they have the last laugh.

The institution which offers such services as the provision of microcredits, investment advisory, and estate management has proven itself to be a trusted name in the financial sector, as it offers quality financial services that satisfy the objectives of clients through sound investment strategies for wealth creation, accumulation, and preservation.

A customer-centric institution based in Nigeria’s commercial capital, Lagos, Plural Capital is in the business of bettering the lot of individuals and businesses across various markets and ensuring that they achieve more.

With Plural Capital’s presence in the Nigerian business landscape, individuals and businesses, aside gaining access to loans to execute their objectives, have the opportunity to get first-class advises on how to stir their businesses to achieve optimal performance, especially at a time when such opportunities are scarce.

The institution, which seeks to become a global benchmark for quality service delivery and the choice financial institution of the teeming public, is on a mission to ensure that no Nigerian should go cash strap as it is positioned to alleviate the financial concern of Nigerians.

Meanwhile, those seeking to advance personal causes in real estate are not left out.

Equipped with seasoned professionals in the asset management financial sub-sector , Plural Capital manages investments ranging from liquid, fixed and real assets belonging to individuals, corporations and organizations, making it the surest stop for everyman’s real estate needs.

At a time when individuals and businesses find it difficult to get optimum financial services came an institution which has, over a decade, dedicated itself to advancing the cause of the society through compassionate, astute, reliable, and excellent service delivery.

With the foregoing, when it comes to important financial matters, Nigerians know where to turn.

To this end, a man cannot be surrounded by a body of water and complain of soap entering his eyes. Surround yourself with Plural Capital and have the last laugh.

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