The Church, The President, and The Elections

The Church, The President, and The Elections
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The Church is the light of the world – believers are to be light within the land. However, if the light we as believers carry turns to darkness, how great that darkness will be, not just within the so called ‘believers’, but within the land that ought to illuminated. Sadly, these ‘believers’ without light seem to be the order of the day.

With the erring ways of several unrepentant church leaders who try to resist those amongst them who are truth seekers like ‘Nicodemuses’ and ‘Josephs of Arimatheas’, it is still with a hopeful heart that I write this ‘opinion’ post to the leaders in the church…that the church in Nigeria may recognise its hour of visitation from the Lord.

Salvation smiles upon the land – and a repentant Church must be made to partake in that salvation. The Church must regain its light and therefore illuminate the path of restoration for the country. Without the light of the church, every nation walks on in darkness.

However, I see shepherds who have once again sided with darkness – ‘siding with Saul to make sure David never gets into office’. They plot with Herod to destroy the ‘Child of Salvation’.
I speak in riddles. Let the wise discern.

Let me be plain.
Why will you, being light of the world and nation, take sides with darkness?

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Why will you O City built on Zion, a great people, side with the BAT over The Dove?
I am reminded of how Isreal said give us Barrabas [the guilty], and kill Jesus [the innocent].

The land is thirsty for righteousness.
It is hungry for justice.
You have the Dove set before you to uphold, to elevate, so that these virtues can once and forever be the foundation of our nation.
Our Lord Jesus implored us to stand for these two standards.
A bearer of these keys stands at the door, about to open it in order to usher in these virtues upon…

… which a nation is built yet we second-guess if we should back him?
Or do you not understand that righteousness exalts a nation?
Are you, oh Church of Nigeria, not tired of exalting sin (injustice, corruption, etc) in the land and within your midsts?

The Lord smiles upon the nation. Why do you want to resist His Spirit by choosing darkness once again over light?
Why choose death over life?

The Lord says,

‘Choose light!’
‘Choose life!’

The Eagle has sheltered the Dove against the Bat. Still you pray for the Eagle to perish so that your pockets may be lined with the fat of the land. You support corruption and enable chaos even at the detriment of your own people.
Even our’ brothers from Abraham’ who are foreign to your knowledge in Christ, see hope in the Dove. Yet you, out of whom the Dove came forth for such a time as this – the redemption of the land – opposes the Dove, picking sides with the BAT while some others have gone even farther and deeper into darkness to side with the returning Vulture [from the other camp].

Like Joshua said, ‘choose this day who you will serve.’
Yet I say, ‘choose to serve the Lord.’
Forget about the garlic and the onion of Egypt.
There is a promised land awaiting us.

Turn away from wicked ways. Please the Lord.
Do not take lightly the sword of God’s judgment moving across the land. It is for those within the church and even the leaders outside [in the political space]. The Lord is set against the unrepentant.

Shepherds within the church need to lead the sheep on the right path for they will be held accountable.
Set your heart on the things that are righteous.

You will discern better as a result of the light of righteousness from within your renewed hearts and minds.
With a pure heart, intercede in prayers, backed by a righteous will, that the Dove is anointed in the upcoming primaries.

The Lord favours the Dove.
There are deeper mysteries within all that is happening in the land and with time, our Lord and Master will permit more of the prophets to speak in these things.
To understand the times and seasons we are in as a nation, think of an ‘accelerated’ book of Ezekiel. The Lord stands against corrupt leaders and desires repentance.

Prepare for the return of Awolowo…a man not for the yorubas, igbos, or hausas, but for every Nigerian.

Once again, do not miss your hour of visitation.

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