Home Corporate News Why I Floated Red Circle Digital Agency -Brand Expert, Dairo Emmanuel

Why I Floated Red Circle Digital Agency -Brand Expert, Dairo Emmanuel

Why I Floated Red Circle Digital Agency -Brand Expert, Dairo Emmanuel

For Dairo Emmanuel, the founder of Red Circle Digital Agency, establishing a digital company as such was not surprising to many people. “I’ve always been the creative guy that addresses people’s marketing and branding needs. Nothing interests me more than creatively providing solutions to things, and with my portfolio, I’ve long been charged to float my agency. I’m, however, glad I finally have the courage to do so,” he said.

In the course of a chat with Unmaskng.com, Dairo revealed that having watched closely the likes of Pamilerin, a highly-revered social media influencer, Olubunmi Adeyera of RedAce Management Company, and Big Timi of Media Panache, he got motivated to float Red Circle Digital Agency. His words: “As a professional, it is expected for one to have people he admires in a chosen field. Like most people, I have mentors and people I look up to, either closely or by distance. I’ve seen their exploits and in some cases, I am part of it. So, that has given me the encouragement to also start my journey, and as they say, time waits for no man.”

Dairo, who studied mass communication from the prestigious Nigerian Institute of Journalism (NIJ), after which he became an alumnus of 02 Academy, explained the unique selling proposition of his digital agency brand.

According to him, “what makes us different from other key players in the industry is the fact that we are instructors in the digital media world. There are quite a lot of things that we are putting in place for our brands, which include unique approaches to addressing the needs of our clients. With all humility, Red Circle Digital Agency is known for a good mix of top-notch performance, quick turnaround, and unique branding solutions.

Disclosing his plans to give back to the Society, the Red Circle Digital Agency boss hinted that in the coming year (2022), he would be hosting an empowerment programme for youths. “We are trying to empower some youths in Nigeria with relevant skills in the digital media world, which would include photography, graphics, and marketing,” he added.